Custom Fabricated Acrylic Boxes/ Vitrines/ Bonnets/ Pedestals : Grewe Plastics & Displays is experienced in the fabrication of all commercially available plastics. We can do many types of plastic fabrication to our customer's specifications. For over seventy five years, leading museums, galleries and design professionals have relied upon us to fabricate the most challenging exhibits in acrylic. We have a reputation for meeting stringent deadlines, helping customers with material selection, and delivering finished products with absolute dimensional accuracy.
MDF Pedestals : Grewe Plastics & Displays manufactures painted MDF pedestals of different sizes to go with the great quality vitrines we make.

Acrylic / Lucite / Plexi / Optium Sheets : We sell acrylic / plexi / lucite / optium plastic sheets, either full sheets or cut to size. 

Acrylic Furniture : Grewe Plastics and Displays manufactures clear acrylic or lucite furniture. We also manufacture high quality acrylic table lamps.